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Coverage for Obesity Care

State-by-State Analysis of Obesity Coverage

In 2021, the STOP Obesity Alliance conducted a state-by-state analysis of State Employee Health Plan health care coverage for plan year 2020/2021 for obesity prevention and treatment, including preventive services and counseling, nutrition counseling, drug therapy, and bariatric surgery  content.

Read the 2020/2021 Report


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Comprehensive Obesity Benefit

COB and Checklist

The present landscape of obesity care coverage is piecemeal, and providers frequently cite inconsistent and/or inadequate reimbursement for obesity-related services as barriers to delivering appropriate care. The STOP Obesity Alliance has outlined what we consider to be the core components of an obesity benefit package that are essential for effective and evidence-based treatment of obesity. Updated 09.01.2021

Download the COB report (PDF)

Download the COB Checklist (PDF)



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Proposed Standard of Care


During 2018, the STOP Obesity Alliance convened a series of roundtable meetings with relevant stakeholders to deliberate about who should provide obesity care, where obesity care should be delivered and what care should be provided by whom. It was our goal to develop a standard of care to enable the patient to move within the continuum of care, as well as to provide assurance that patients have access to appropriate levels of care, regardless of where they enter the healthcare system. The product of our meetings was a practical, tangible, measurable and simple standard of care for the treatment of adult obesity, published in the July 2019 issue of Obesity. No comparable standard addresses the spectrum of care that persons with obesity need to address their disease.

Download the Proposed Standard of Care report (PDF)



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Changing the Dialogue:
Obesity Drug Outcome Measures


In 2011 and 2012, STOP convened several roundtables with stakeholders, including FDA, to transform the process used to evaluate pharmacotherapy and developed a consensus report that explored challenges in the development and approval of obesity drugs.

Download the Obesity Drug Outcome Measures report (PDF)



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