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The Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance 


About Us

The STOP Obesity Alliance is made up of a diverse group of business, consumer, government, advocacy, and health organizations dedicated to reversing the obesity epidemic in the United States. Drawing on the strengths of the collaborative, STOP conducts researchmakes policy recommendations, and develops hands-on tools for providers, advocacy groups, policymakers, and consumers.


Our Goals

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Leading Innovation

We will continue to lead and encourage innovation around treatment, intervention, and disease management through development and dissemination of best practices on the treatment and prevention of obesity. In addition to identifying and encouraging promising innovation, STOP will work to lead a broad base of stakeholders in establishing best practices for the care of individuals with overweight and obesity.

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Strengthen Systems

We will promote the highest standard of care for patients with obesity by acknowledging and addressing factors that diminish quality of care, including inadequate provider training in obesity care, potential discomfort of weight-based discussions, and limited reimbursement for obesity-related prevention and treatment services.

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Convene Stakeholders

We will strive to continue our role in facilitating open dialogues between diverse groups of stakeholders. From the beginning, STOP has brought together a broad alliance of individuals and organizations to form a far-reaching system of researchers, clinicians, policymakers, advocates, and professionals.

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Define an Innovative Research Agenda

We will engage in an interdisciplinary research agenda based on the premise that obesity is the product of a complex interplay of biologic, genetic, behavioral, cultural, environmental, social, policy, and economic factors. STOP research will be cross-cutting, examining clinical practices, evidence-based strategies, health services and policy as they relate to obesity, and measurements of quality in obesity care.

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Promote & Increase Physical Activity

We will continue to encourage interventions and environments that support physical activity to improve health, independent of weight or weight loss, resulting in a healthier population. The Alliance will lend energetic support to strategies that promote active living and reduce periods of inactivity in order to increase positive health outcomes.

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Reduce Stigma, Improve Outcomes

We will continue to cultivate a positive environment by promoting awareness and open discussion among health professionals, opinion leaders, role models, and the public regarding the harmful impact of stigmatizing people with overweight and obesity. The work of STOP and its members will go beyond the role of personal responsibility to promote compassionate, unbiased care.