Strategies To Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance


Driving innovative & Practical strategies to combat obesity

The Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance comprises a diverse group of individual, government, advocacy, business, and health organizations dedicated to reversing the obesity epidemic in the United States. Drawing on the strengths of the collaborative, the Alliance conducts research, makes policy recommendations, and develops hands-on tools for providers, advocates, consumers, and policymakers.



What we do to STOP obesity

Conduct Research

Analyze and publish data related to coverage and the costs of obesity, including direct medical and employer-borne costs, but also those related to stigma and bias that impact quality of care.

Develop Tools

Develop research-based patient and health care provider guides to facilitate respectful, productive conversations around weight. Generate reports and guidance that provide essential obesity-related information for policymakers, legislators, and other decision-makers.

Drive Collaboration

Convene key experts for meetings and roundtables to explore and address specific focus areas and barriers to obesity prevention, care, treatment, and coverage, and execute on identified needs.



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Recent Letters from our Director, Dr. William H. Dietz


June 2024 Letter from the Director

Health Equity and Obesity

June 27, 2024

Researchers and public health professionals who deliver obesity care and prevention should consider the equity implications of their work.

May 2024 Letter from the Director

New Medicaid Obesity Treatment Coverage Study

May 31, 2024

Read about our new research on how state Medicaid plans cover obesity care and treatment.

April 2024 Letter from the Director

Weight Discrimination in the Workplace

April 29, 2024

How do people with obesity experience weight-based discrimination in the workplace?


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