Letters from the Director Archive

Intensive Behavioral Therapy

Intensive Behavioral Therapy

Many studies of behavioral interventions have shown success in helping patients control their weight while also reducing obesity-related comorbidities.

October 2023 Letter from the Director

The Economic Impact of Obesity

Obesity has a significant impact on the economy at the state, national, and global level.

September 2023 Letter from the Director

Quality Measurement in Delivery of Obesity Care

The development of obesity quality measures is essential for ensuring that patients receive comprehensive obesity care.

August 2023 Letter from the Director

Patient Adherence to Anti-Obesity Medications

As insurance companies struggle with how and whether to cover AOMs, it is important to consider how patients will adhere to taking them to ensure positive health outcomes.

July 2023 Letter from the Director

Brain Signaling and Obesity

Researchers investigated how post-ingestion nutrient signals in the brain differ between people with and without obesity.

June 2023 Letter from the Director

Food Insecurity, Food Environment, and Obesity

The food environment and food security are directly linked to diet-related chronic disease outcomes, including obesity.

May 2023 Letter from the Director

School Lunch Programs and Youth Weight Gain During the Pandemic

Disrupted routines, school closures, increased stress, and less physical activity and proper nutrition all likely contributed to rises in childhood obesity rates during the pandemic.

April 2023 Letter from the Director

Drug Metabolism in People With Obesity

Research presented at a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) workshop indicates the need for more comprehensive testing of new medications in people with obesity.

March 2023 Letter from the Director

Prescription Medications and Weight Gain

Obesity is multifaceted in its causes. One possible contributing factor that is often overlooked is medication-induced weight gain.

February 2023 Letter from the Director

Obesity Care Week 2023

Learn about how the STOP Obesity Alliance is participating in Obesity Care Week 2023!