Letters from the Director Archive

April 2018

Rationale for People-First Language

Language matters. The words we use to discuss health and disease directly impact beliefs, behaviors, and experiences.

August 2022 Letter from the Director

Physical Activity and Inactivity

In this newsletter, we examine the current body of literature on the connections between physical activity and obesity.

July 2022 Letter from the Director

Our Updated Review of State Employee Health Plan Obesity Coverage

Although obesity imposes an enormous burden on our health care system and the economy, the present landscape of coverage for obesity care is piecemeal.

June 2022 Letter from the Director

How Universities Can Strategically Support Student Weight Loss

This month's newsletter is written by guest authors Ms. Caitlin P. Bailey and Dr. Melissa A. Napolitano.

May 2022 Letter from the Director

Origins and Activities of the Roundtable on Obesity Solutions at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

The Roundtable on Obesity Solutions followed 8 years of the IOM’s engagement with obesity.

April 2022 Letter from the Director

Federal Health Plans Step Up Coverage of Obesity Treatment

Updated guidance was recently sent to health insurance carriers that administer the Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB).

March 2022 Letter from the Director

Pregnancy-Related Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity

It is widely accepted that early childhood is a critical period that can set the trajectory of weight and metabolic health for the rest of a child’s lifetime.

February 2022 Letter from the Director

Obesity Care Week 2022

The STOP Obesity Alliance is proud to be a founding partner of the 8th annual Obesity Care Week.

January 2022 Letter from the Director

Policy Initiatives to Address Weight Discrimination in Adults and Children

As we begin 2022, it remains legal almost everywhere in the US to discriminate against people because of their body weight.

December 2021 Letter from the Director

The Connection Between Ultra-Processed Foods and Endocrine Disruptors

In this month's newsletter, we examine the relationship between ultra-processed foods and endocrine disrupting chemicals.