Letters from the Director Archive

May 2023 Letter from the Director

School Lunch Programs and Youth Weight Gain During the Pandemic

Disrupted routines, school closures, increased stress, and less physical activity and proper nutrition all likely contributed to rises in childhood obesity rates during the pandemic.

April 2023 Letter from the Director

Drug Metabolism in People With Obesity

Research presented at a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) workshop indicates the need for more comprehensive testing of new medications in people with obesity.

March 2023 Letter from the Director

Prescription Medications and Weight Gain

Obesity is multifaceted in its causes. One possible contributing factor that is often overlooked is medication-induced weight gain.

February 2023 Letter from the Director

Obesity Care Week 2023

Learn about how the STOP Obesity Alliance is participating in Obesity Care Week 2023!

January 2023 Letter from the Director

American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Practice Guidelines

On January 9th, the American Academy of Pediatrics published new clinical practice guidelines for evaluating and treating obesity in children and adolescents.

December 2022 Letter from the Director

"The Whale" and Obesity Representation in Media

The recently premiered film "The Whale," starring Brendan Fraser and directed by Darren Aronofsky, is an exemplary representation of obesity in media.

November 2022 Letter from the Director

New Guidelines for Bariatric Surgery

Learn about the updated guidelines for metabolic and bariatric surgery developed by ASMBS and IFSO.

October 2022 - Letter from the Director

The Cost of Body Dissatisfaction and Appearance-Based Discrimination

A new report released by The Dove Self-Esteem Project is the first of its kind to investigate the impacts and costs of harmful beauty ideals.

September 2022  - Letter from the Director

Hypothalamic Obesity

The hypothalamus is a structure housed deep within the brain that regulates appetite. Injury to the hypothalamus can result in obesity.

August 2022 Letter from the Director

Physical Activity and Inactivity

In this newsletter, we examine the current body of literature on the connections between physical activity and obesity.