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Designed for key stakeholders engaged in the prevention and management of obesity



Understanding Obesity

This messaging framework prepared by the STOP Obesity Alliance features accessible and unbiased information about the harms of weight bias, as well as guidance on destigmatizing the language used to discuss obesity. 

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Provider Competencies cover

Obesity Care Competencies

Provider Competencies for the Prevention and Management of Obesity

The Provider Competencies for the Prevention and Management of Obesity were designed by more than 20 leading health organizations representing a dozen health professions. They are aimed at many types of health professionals engaged in obesity prevention and management. Collectively, the competencies establish a working knowledge of obesity, and are therefore best used together. Recognizing that the depth of knowledge or skill for a given competency will vary based on specialty, each specialty is encouraged to adapt these competencies to fit their needs.

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Weigh In guide

The Weigh-In Guide and Discussion Toolkit support parents and caregivers in discussing weight and health with their children.

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Additional Resources

Survey Released to Mark Launch of National Employee Wellness Month; More Than 17,000 Employees Nationwide Participating in Initiative to Spotlight Benefits of Workplace Wellness

September 3, 2009

America’s workers will take greater responsibility for their health and participate in corporate wellness programs if there is a financial incentive.

Virgin HealthMiles and the STOP Obesity Alliance Rally Corporate America to Create Healthier Workplace Communities

August 15, 2009

National Employee Wellness Month is designed to inspire corporate America.

STOP Obesity Alliance Primary Care Roundtable Summary of Transcript (2009)

August 5, 2009

The STOP Obesity Alliance hosted a roundtable on adult primary care treatment and management of obesity August 5, 2009.

STOP Obesity Alliance Announces Eight New Associate Members to Help Raise Obesity on the Nation’s Public Health Agenda

April 29, 2009

Eight medical groups, public health associations and obesity experts joined the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance today.

STOP Obesity Alliance Releases Obesity GPS to Change America’s Course in the Fight Against Overweight and Obesity

December 10, 2008

The Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance today released the Obesity GPS – Guide for Policy and Program Solutions.

Re-Visioning Success: How Stigma, Perceptions of Treatment, and Definitions of Success Impact Obesity and Weight Management in America

A Research Report for the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance
November 2, 2007

This research examines contributors to the disconnect btw the scientific data demonstrating harmful effects of obesity and insufficient action to change systems

GW Founds the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance (STOP Obesity Alliance)

May 28, 2007

GWSPH announced today a powerful collaboration of patient, provider, business, labor, health insurance and quality organizations.