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Stop Obesity Alliance Announces New Research Indicating that Employers Want to Address Obesity in the Workplace, Need More Guidance

Lead NORC researchers said the survey findings demonstrates willingness to and a desire for help.

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Redstone Center Comments on Healthy People 2030 Objectives

The Redstone Center submitted a public comment urging the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

STOP Roundtable on Obesity Management and Coverage

On February 2nd, the STOP Obesity Alliance hosted a roundtable discussion on Obesity Management and Coverage.

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More than 35 Leading U.S. Health Organizations Launch Campaign to Improve Obesity Care

More than 35 leading U.S. healthcare organizations have joined together to form National Obesity Care Week (NOCW).

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STOP Obesity Alliance Releases New Educational Tools to Improve the Patient-Provider Relationship Surrounding Weight and Health

The Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance released a series of educational videos and website for health care providers.

New Tool Prepares Health Care Providers to Discuss Weight and Health With Adult Patients

"Why Weight?" is a unique tool designed to help providers build a safe and trusting environment with patients.

Renowned Obesity Expert, William H. Dietz, MD, Ph.D., to Assume Role of STOP Obesity Alliance Director

William H. Dietz, MD, Ph.D., has been named Director of the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance.

Sixth Annual National Employee Wellness Month to be Held in June 2014, Companies Invited to Pledge Support

This June will mark the sixth annual National Employee Wellness Month.

Opportunities Abound for Nonprofit Hospitals Aiming to Address Obesity Through Community Benefit Activities

New research sheds light on the challenges and opportunities for nonprofit hospitals to address obesity through community benefit activities.

STOP Obesity Alliance Encourages Nonprofit Hospitals to Address Obesity as Part of New Federal Community Health Benefit Requirements

The nation’s more than 2,900 nonprofit hospitals are facing new requirements to qualify for federal tax-exempt status.

STOP Obesity Alliance Researchers Find Majority of State Benchmark Plans Are Lacking in Obesity Prevention and Intervention

What will the New Year bring when it comes to the ways state leaders address obesity at the state level?

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New Guide Prepares Parents for Tough Conversations With Kids About Weight and Health

Have you ever been taken off guard by a child’s question about weight?

STOP Obesity Alliance New State-Level Members Share Obstacles, Opportunities in Addressing Obesity in the States

The STOP Obesity Alliance released a new bulletin for state leaders.

Scott Kahan, MD to Assume Role of STOP Obesity Alliance Director

Obesity expert and George Washington University (GW) faculty member Scott Kahan, MD, MPH has been named Director of STOP Obesity Alliance.

Improving Obesity Management in Primary Care and Community Health Centers

Community health centers and primary care providers working in other settings will increasingly become America’s obesity “first responders.”

Experts Weigh the Heavy Impact Words Have When Creating Policies for Better Health

Are words weighing down America’s ability to improve its health?

STOP Obesity Alliance Task Force Urges HHS Secretary to Give Equal Weight to Obesity and Related Diseases When Determining the Essential Health Benefits Package

STOP released recommendations supporting the inclusion of obesity-related services in the HHS essential health benefits package.

STOP Obesity Alliance Determines Physical Activity May Be as Important as Weight Loss for Achieving Better Health

When it comes to improving health, physical activity has significant and widespread benefits regardless of one’s weight.

STOP Obesity Alliance Looks to Community Health Centers

Medically underserved populations—particularly minorities—suffer from some of the highest rates of overweight and obesity in the country.

Are Words Weighing Down the Development of Policy for Better Health?

Unrealistic and uninformed media portrayals of weight can negatively influence individual behavior.

Leaders in the Field of Obesity Come Together to Discuss the Necessary, Albeit Forgotten Role Research Must Play in Addressing the Obesity Epidemic

We are experiencing a landmark time for health care in America, and obesity is getting more attention than ever.

Overcoming Childhood Obesity Means Addressing Mom’s Weight Issues As Well

The information gap and general lack of understanding contributes to the challenges of the 65 million American women who are considered overweight or obese.

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Despite Healthcare Reform, New Survey Reveals 85 Percent of Companies Believe Insurance Alone Won’t Make for a Healthier America

Businesses and employees say the workplace must play a leadership role in creating a healthier workforce and helping to curb rising healthcare costs.

STOP Obesity Alliance Supports First-Ever European Obesity Day

The STOP Obesity Alliance has signed on to support the first-ever European Obesity Day (EOD) on May 22, 2010. 

STOP Obesity Alliance Launches Task Force on Women to Help Improve the Health of Millions of Overweight and Obese Women and Empower the Family’s “Chief Health Officer”

STOP launched its Task Force on Women to take a closer look at the disproportionate grip obesity and chronic disease has on women in the United States.