Letters from the Director Archive

September 2017 - Letter from the Director

Nutrition Counseling Tips from Dr. Scott Kahan

My recent JAMA editorial discusses why healthcare providers seldom address nutrition with their patients and suggests some small steps we can take.

August 2017 Letter from the Director

Free Tools for Providers & Patients

Few U.S. health professionals are adequately trained in the prevention and management of obesity.

July 2017

Excessive Weight Gain Among Young Adults

The individual challenges, costs, and overall burden of the obesity epidemic continue to require new thinking.

June 2017

Obesity Care Competencies

More than 20 leading health organizations representing a range of health care providers released a set of interdisciplinary educational competencies.

May 2017

National Fitness & Sports Month

This month, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition (PCFSN) helped to coordinate events nationwide.

April 2017

ACEs and Obesity

In 1985, Dr. Vincent Felitti was frustrated by the 50% dropout rate of patients with severe obesity from his San Diego-based clinic.

March 2017 Letter from the Director

Addressing Obesity in the Workplace

Amid rising costs to employers, interest in evidence-based strategies to promote physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of employees has grown steadily.

February 2017

Getting to Equity in Obesity Prevention

The National Academy of Medicine recommended five areas of focus to address obesity in the United States.

January 2017

Obesity in the Military

The national security of the United States depends on a fit military.